Mid-Shore Businesses Get a Financial Break!

The Cost of Doing BusinessThe Cost of Doing Business

Is the cost of running your company getting you down?

We've all been hit hard by the economic downswing - and local businesses and non-profit groups are having a harder time staying afloat.

We here at Johnsons' Consulting, LLC believe in supporting local groups and businesses. Because of that, we are temporarily lowering our hourly consulting rates by 1/3. This brings our hourly IT, technology and business process consulting rates down to well under $100/hour.

We believe in the power of small business, and want you to continue to grow your company/non-profit during these difficult times. We will be returning to our normal rates when the economy is more encouraging.

Thank you for your support! And here's to Mid-Shore Businesses!

Is Your Software Making you Crazy???

Puzzle-Solving 101Puzzle-Solving 101I hate to admit it - but sometimes Murphy's Law is the ONLY thing that works! We were called to a client's site a couple of weeks ago because their over-priced software wouldn't work with their other programs, and they couldn't find anyone to solve their problem.

You know the game...Company A says it's "Not a problem with OUR software" - and Company B says the same thing! And technically, they're right! Both software packages are working - but they're not working together!

Increase Your Sales with Relationships!

By: John K Johnson

It is always easier to sell to someone that you have an existing relationship with: family, friends or existing customers. The relationship gives you trust and a rapport that removes many of the natural barriers to a sale.

In the automobile sales industry, we talked all the time about working your personal network of friends, family and associates as well as your database of previous customers. These people already knew and trusted you. They knew that you were not the stereotypical, slimy salesperson, but a normal guy trying to make a living. They knew that what you wanted was to make a sale at a fair price and that you would be there for them after the sale, if a problem arose.

The same concepts apply to any salesperson or business, these groups of people already know and trust you; you don’t have to win them over. Read more...

14 New Color Schemes are now available.

We are happy to announce that there are now 14 new color schemes available for your website.  In addition to new palettes these schemes also support custom block styles.

See all of the schemes here.

See the custom block styles here.

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