Lie #6 -- You have to spend a lot on SEM.

Lie #6: You’ll have to spend a lot of money on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to make your website stand out!

Truism #6: You can market your website by purchasing advertising on the different search engines – such as Google’s AdWords. When folks search for services, YOUR ad and website link will appear in the right hand column. If someone clicks on your ad – you pay a predetermined amount (usually $.05 to $1.50).

SEM can be a very powerful tool when done correctly. However, when done incorrectly it can be expensive, time consuming and ineffective. We sub-contract SEM work to a small firm that delivers excellent results for minimal marketing dollars.

More importantly, SEM is not beneficial to every business. Our expert can help you decide, up front, where best to spend your marketing dollars.

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