Lie #5 -- You have to spend a lot on SEO.

Lie #5: You’ll have to spend a lot of time and/or money on SEO.

Truism #5: Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website friendly to the major search engines. This allows your website to show up when potential customers search for your services or products. It is important – but it’s not rocket science!

There are some basic steps that make your site friendly to the major search engines.
On a technical level, design your page so the main content is physically in the file as early as possible. (Johnsons' Consulting's layouts do this automatically) Put appropriate keywords in your metatags and use these keywords early in your articles. Our websites can be configured to easily allow you to attach keywords to your articles that automatically create the metatags. That grabs the search engine’s attention – and gets YOU noticed!

Oh – and by the way – don’t try to trick the Search Engines by filling the page with invisible, popular, but not necessarily relevant keywords. That’s a great way to get kicked right out of the Google line-up. Google wants relevant content – just like your prospective customers.

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