Is Your Website HURTING Your Business?

Don't Hurt Yourself!Don't Hurt Yourself!Is your website helping or hurting your business, turning away potential customers and sales?

Maximize your website returns by making sure your website checks out on these four basic points:

Our eyes like things simple – preferably black text on a white background – and don’t make the typeset too wonky, either! If you want customers to run away from your site – in droves – put your text on a multicolored, textured background. The only way to read such text is to highlight it – and really, that gets old, fast!

Quick Page Loading
Don’t put a lot of features and large pictures on your page that makes pages load slowly – not everyone has the fastest download times, or unlimited bandwidth. Especially on

your home page, emphasize FUNCTION.

Let Visitors Choose their Effects
Please don’t blast visitors with music or dancing bumblebees on their cursors. A “Play” button gives folks the option to listen or not – and will keep them from running to the backspace key.

Flash Websites
If you really enjoy flash or animation, use it only on non-essential parts of the site. Do not turn your entire site into a flash file unless you are absolutely positive that your target market will be able and willing to wait for it download. Do not use flash for your navigation, or anyone with an older computer, older browser, or slow internet connection may not be able to navigate your site at all.

It’s fun to show what you can do with your website – but if you’re trying to grow your business it’s best to keep it simple – but functional! Maybe you could add a link to a page that highlights all of the really cool graphics, pictures, and animations you’ve created! Otherwise, your wonderful website could end up costing you customers – and sales!

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