The Custom Software Conundrum

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Protect Your Company
There's nothing more terrifying than signing a contract to have custom software written. If you're the owner, you're worried about spending a very large amount of money - but not getting the software your business requires. If you're NOT the owner - you know that your job security rests on the ability of the consulting company to deliver exactly what the owner wants - on time.

The horror stories concerning custom software rival a well done slasher film. What's worse - at some point most companies have no choice but to seek customized solutions. What can you do - beside hold your breath and pray?

You bring in a ringer. In this case, you hire an individual who knows exactly how to design and develop your software - but who does NOT work for the company you've hired to write it! It's a well known strategy. When building a custom home, many folks hire another builder to drop in every week or so and keep an eye on things. They aren't worried about cutting corners to make more profit - they're simply protecting your interests.

Here at Johnsons' Consulting, LLC, we offer peace of mind. We're crucial in the beginning of a project, making sure all the details are in place before the actual project begins. Our talented strategists can save you thousands (maybe millions?) down the road, by anticipating what your software needs will be as you grow. We believe software should be as expandable as possible - so that costly redesigns are kept to a minimum.

Once the project is underway, we check in from time to time to ensure the design and the quality of the code is meeting your requirements. We pitch in, when necessary, to fix any problem. Most consulting firms don't immediately warm to the idea of a pitbull looking over their shoulder. However, once they realize that the pitbull's services actually help them produce a superior product and satisfied customers they become our strongest supporters. Several of the largest consulting firms actually hire third party pitbulls to oversea projects for just those reasons!

Contracting for customized software is a terrifying, expensive endeavor. Ensure positive results by hiring an expert to oversee your project. It's more cost effective to do something right the first time than to attempt to fix a mistake!

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